Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda - Cerdañola del Valles

Project Description

Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda

The project involves the complete renovation of a single-family home, built on a plot in a residential area of the municipality of Cerdañola del Vallés, Barcelona.
The three-story home measures 225 m² and is surrounded by a large garden that wraps around the entire building and extends to the neighboring plots and street access.

The challenge of this home renovation was to keep as much of the existing structure as possible while radically updating the aesthetic of the entire façade. Inside, the idea was to create more natural connections between bedrooms, develop a more modern and functional open-floor concept, and enhance natural light and the entrances and exits to the outside.
The departure point was to divide the three floors into different uses, thus designing the first story around the living room, dining room and kitchen and the second and third stories for the bedrooms.
The main entrance is a large hall on the ground floor. Clean lines are created from painted lacquered panels that conceal the doors to the various rooms and make it possible to hide large closet spaces.

The entire layout revolves around a central module where the elevator is located. This module is used on the first floor to integrate the fireplace, which serves as the focal point of a large lounge designed as a spacious and serene living room that shares a space with the dining room, thus removing any physical divisions while maintaining the identity of each space.

Through two doors, one off the hallway and the other off the dining room, we arrive to the kitchen, one of the home’s central living spaces. A modern aesthetic with bright colours on a neutral base provides an original feel to the space. An outdoor deck off the kitchen and dining room serves as a summer dining room. We enable indoor/outdoor living with the inclusion of large windows that open up the dining room to the outdoor porch and garden.
The ground floor is completed with a guest bathroom and laundry space.









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