Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda - Madrid

Project Description

Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda

Interior design project in the heart of the Chamberi neighborhood in Madrid, a property that required us to keep some of the original elements like the old wooden beams that lead to the living space. A large and comfortable bedroom, functional and basic bathroom, and a large living space for sharing moments with friends. The living space features three extremely large windows that allowed us to leave the main wall with the brick walls exposed.
The kitchen is basic and functional and shares the same space as the dining room. White cabinetry and gray countertop. A neutral look. And we provided a pop of personality with a wooden table and mismatched chairs in leather and iron, mixed with Scandinavian-style lamps by Universe Positive as a counterpoint.

The living room, designed for reading and resting and not for watching TV, has a large sofa with modern lines and an armchair that organizes the space while a buffet with a retro flair supplements the room and a large mirror on the wall enhances the personality of the décor.

Over the sofa, a basic linear shelf in a U shape adds a pop of interest to the wall, along with the extendible wall lamp for reading. Hardwood floors were restored but the imperfections were left as is.
A 100% basic yet functional and comfortable bathroom. A modern look achieved with simple yet timeless pieces.









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