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Interior project for housing rehabilitation - Muntaner III in Barcelona

Project Description

Interior project for housing rehabilitation

This house, with a complicated and irregular floor plan and with little main light input, was a real challenge for the study.

The priority was to create a spacious and comfortable space (day area) for everyone who lives at home, who are a family of 5.
The main entrance of light is found in the living room, but as we could also take advantage of some light from the central patio, we designed the kitchen visually communicated with the living room in order to take advantage of it.

The corridor that communicates the night area and the day area also helped us to place pieces, in this case, the dining room. Composed of a bench on the same wall / screen that separates the kitchen and thus optimizes the passage space.

A great sofa, the sought after piece! And a study piece in the classroom was two of the requirements.
Light colors to enhance the light.
Fair but thoughtful pieces. Furniture as they help us in this to regularize the angles of this plant.

In short, a challenge from which we take a lot out of it!


Interior design project in Muntaner III (Barcelona)




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