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Project Description

Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda

Interior design project in an oasis in the heart of the city. An apartment in which we wanted to enhance the feeling of refined elegance. The spaces were designed by selecting a range of gray colors mixed with a neutral base in shades of linen and stone. A mix of pieces, some more classic and others more modern, which coexist in harmony. And all paired with textiles that bring everything together. The apartment originally had many hallways and we wanted to work with the walls to give the space some personality with alternating stripes of stone and anthracite…

In the dining room, a large wall with textured textile anthracite showcases a large painting. The room also features a dining room table and chairs in distressed wood, matched with capitone chairs in gray linen. It opens to the large, well-lit kitchen and a cheerful office decorated in turquoise and a tropical wood table that creates a counterpoint to the lighter-colored kitchen furniture and the more classic crown moldings.

The living room décor is designed around a large, dark-colored corner sofa combined with lighter-colored cushions and classic armchairs in beige linen.

The suite is decorated with in classic all white and beige. A project in which we work with two areas of the home with completely opposite colors. The perfect play on light and dark.

The garden is the real gem of this project, with a swimming pool and a porch for which we selected outdoor furniture with modern, straight lines.









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