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Project Description

Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda

Interior design project for the renovation of the ground floor and garden of a single-family home.
The priority was to create spacious, comfortable and open spaces by enhancing indoor/outdoor living and making the most of the light that enters through all four sides of the home, while also refreshing the interior spaces.
The departure point for this interior design project was to unify interior and exterior surfaces by using the same flooring. We chose an imitation wood tile available in both identical indoor and outdoor finishes. This flooring provides a visual fluidity; we were also able to border the swimming pool and build the perimeters of the home using the same material for a greater sense of cohesion. We chose Natural Oak for the porcelain tile finish.

The next step was to enlarge the front doorway as well as the doorway to the garden, enlarging and creating a fully retractable sliding glass door that bring as much of the outside in as possible.
Inside is a large entryway, laundry and ironing room, guest bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room.
The entryway features a set of panels that conceal doors, one to the laundry room, another to the guest bathroom, and another to the stairs to the garage. These doors blend in as if they were closets by means of lacquered MDF panelling with just the right design to hide the doors. A wooden room divider separates the entryway from the stairs to the second floor, breaking up the openness of this space and delimiting these two areas.

The laundry room has a narrow floor plan and is designed to achieve maximum capacity with simple, elegant and clean lines. We created a single accent wall with vertical geometric tile in the same tones as the lacquer. It is the distinguishing point of a neutral space that we want to always have a “clean” look.

The guest bathroom is hidden behind this set of panels in the entryway and is fully lined with 120×90 tiles finished in natural stone to create a simple design. The bathroom features a flush-mounted sink and linear indirect lighting in the area above the toilet, a cabinet with straight lines and drawers lacquered in the same color as the door and paneling, and a natural oak countertop with a sink in matte mottled black marble. What better foundation for showcasing this “sculpture”? This countertop features slender built-in faucets with simple lines, and the Slim hanging lamp by Vibia creates very subtle lighting that serves to emphasize this decorative element in the bathroom.
The door to the stairway has the same design as the others: it’s impossible to tell if it leads to a hidden staircase, or a closet…

We move to the kitchen, just on the other side of the screen, where we designed a functional, comfortable and stylish kitchen that matches perfectly with the combined dining space and living room. All with an open-plan concept. All in a single space separated by furniture.
This kitchen is designed around the combination of two types of tile. Dekton was chosen in two-tone black-and-white that we combine according to the area of the kitchen. Black for the backdrop, around the sink and up to the ceiling. White for the island, combined with lateral tiles to the floor. A positive/negative that generates visually engaging contrasts.

All this combined with furniture lacquered in a black stone and combined with wood elements in the wine rack designed at the front of the island and the cabinet/buffet that connects directly to the kitchen and dining room, where we install the wine bar.
The black stone is repeated in the dining room. For the focal point we custom designed a table that features the same finish as the kitchen. Bronze legs create a circle design and support a stunning colored tabletop that measures 180×180 m².

The chairs have simple lines and are upholstered with fabric for a bold yet elegant look that keeps the focus fully on the table. The same goes with the lighting; three pieces in three different colors that match the colors in the home for a subtle detail that lets the table be the focal point, which for us was the centerpiece of the room.
Next, the living room, designed around a modular sofa facing the garden and the pool. The room is separated by a custom-made divider designed to store books and other décor. The TV cabinet is designed in the same lines, as well as the same colors and same combination of finishes. The same pattern for the entire floor. Next to the sofa, a reading chair under a large fixture on the wall. And the boldest addition to the room is the zebra print upholstery, an original element that breaks up the refinement of the space.
Stylish spaces, where the materials repeat throughout the spaces and they work in every room in a different way.







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