Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda - Buenaventura

Project Description

Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda

An interior design project with an incredible before and after transformation. An apartment designed around rooms off a corridor that we managed to transform into a home with less hallway and where the spaces make sense. It was the main request for the project.

We used lighting to transform a dark apartment into one full of light. We gave it another meaning. For the hallway, we designed wide-open yet closed spaces to transform the feeling of a corridor. We designed the dining room in middle of the hallway, connecting it visually with the kitchen.

We kept the existing gray porcelain floors, but we proposed a home decorating project that included small rugs with wood to visually break up the floor.

We showcased the living room, the brightest space in the home, adding an office area and designing a piece of custom-made furniture used for both the TV and the desktop, making it possible to work in a well-lit space with sweeping views.

The functional, pleasant and quiet suite is one of the smallest spaces, so we designed a headboard with a shelf, and play with an accent wall with distressed wood slat wallpaper to add personality.









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