Project Description


A home design project in Barcelona on a very square layout that enabled us to distribute the space so that it flowed seamlessly from one end to the other. Revolving around central air shafts where we put in the bathrooms, the rest of the rooms were distributed around this space that enabled us to connect them up, whilst giving the owners the choice of opening them up or closing them off from each other. The main daytime room looks onto the terrace, with sliding doors giving access to the kitchen and study so that each room could be opened up or closed off from this lounge area.

The kitchen was designed as an extension to this living room. Neutral colors were selected and decorative items used to fit in with the rest of the home’s décor. The bookshelf in the living room leads us to the lounge area from the hallway, a custom-designed room in a textured wood and lacquered finish in a checkered design with shelving here and there. Indirect lighting was made a central feature of the décor.
The master bedroom, which connects directly with the study, has an open but clearly divided en suite bathroom to give the feeling of intimacy if required. A large bathtub is the centerpiece of this bathroom, designed in gray and shades of blue.

The large capacity dressing room divides the rest of the space in this room. The wardrobes were designed so that they worked both as storage space and as dividing walls. The headboard runs from floor to ceiling and also serves as a feature wall. Wood with a natural glaze finish brings all of the rooms together, as it was also used for some of the custom-made furniture.







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