Gran Via

Project Description

Gran Via

This project involved the full makeover of a home in the Eixample district of Barcelona. In this case, we had to redistribute a very tight space to meet the clients’ brief in a home with a complicated layout in which they wanted clear daytime and night time living spaces, but that did force us to put the kitchen in a complex position.

By treating the living room as if it were a large connecting area, we managed to arrange the kitchen space so that it was not too far away from it. We likewise made the most of every square inch of the living room presided by a big bookshelf and were able to make room for office space. All of the furniture was custom-made.

The bedroom area was clearly set off by using the gallery to divide it into the two bedrooms linked by it, with an en suite bathroom also placed in the gallery and a dressing room in the darkest part of the home.

Innovative materials enabled us to create a bathroom with stripes in shades of gray, with the wash basins built into the bedroom to form a dividing wall that can be opened or closed to give more or less privacy.


Gran Via





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