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Project Description

Proyecto de diseño de interiores de negocio

Interior design project for a full renovation of a day care in Barcelona. The project was based mainly on generating a comfortable and effective layout of a space that had been used as a day care up to that point, despite significant issues with the layout.

It features a 1500 m² patio and we wanted all of the classrooms to open to that common space. And that’s how it was designed. All the classrooms except for the infant care and psychomotor education rooms have direct access to the patio.

We sought to unify the center’s image in terms of colors and finishes, taking into account that the children’s activities are already colorful. Protective wainscoting was crucial.
The same flooring throughout helped us unify all the spaces and interconnecting all the classrooms also proved essential in making it quicker to move from room to room. The rooms are connected via changing rooms that have mini sinks, mini toilets and a changing table for babies.

Blue and white polka dots are the brand’s corporate image, so we incorporated them into the main piece in reception. It provides a youthful yet elegant and clean look.

Facing the patio, the entire floor has floor-to-ceiling windows with white wooden frames and laminated glass with UV protection. However, the classrooms can be completed closed with opaque roller blinds.
The patio is fully covered in artificial grass to provide a sense of cohesion and a place for children to play. Corridors without artificial grass were created to mark the walkways to the classrooms.










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