Project Description


Gracia Garden is a project in a small boutique hotel right in the middle of Barcelona’s Gracia district.
We were faced with a very special project as we had a diamond in the rough that we had to manage to turn into a special space with heart and soul.
The client wanted something different where guests would feel at home and that would attract attention at the same time. This was a tall order to fill.

We encountered some very drab spaces that completely lacked sparkle.
The jewel in the crown was the hotel’s inner courtyard, which had been totally neglected. So this was the starting point for our design.

We wanted to visually link up this courtyard with the main entrance, so that although small and unnoticed it would become something that would attract attention and take you to a place of promise.
That is why we designed a corridor that leads through the ground floor to the hotel’s outdoor leisure area, which looked over by a church’s rose window is an unbeatable setting.

The courtyard is presided over by a huge living wall and two trees on the sides, which divide this space into four areas, each with its own furniture and finishing touches. At night it is a spectacle of indirect lighting that casts an intriguing interplay of shadows.
The whole courtyard is painted in a gray-green that makes you forget that you are in the middle of the city when you step into it.

That is where the idea came from to work in green for the entire project. Besides working with different shades and textures of this color, we matched it with oak wood to give a touch of warmth and a cozy feeling throughout the hotel.
On the ground floor there is a large reception desk that guides us through the area, a small self-service bar and the entrance to the courtyard.
There are four more floors, each with three rooms. One room on each floor has a balcony that serves as a mini-suite. They have all been given women’s names.

The corridors are green, but in this case darker and the light fixtures on the walls light up the signs.
The rooms, in clear, simple lines, have all the amenities guests need on a discreet scale. A large headboard takes center stage in them and also help to hem in the back of the open wardrobes, which are made up of a lacquered bench and an overhead rail for the coat hangers.

The bathrooms echo the cement gray on the ground floor mixed with features in wood to match the lines throughout the hotel.
The cornices and moldings conjure up the lines of the old apartments of Barcelona and preserve the spirit of the building.





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