Proyecto de interiorismo de hotel en Salou

Project Description

The SeaBorn project in Salou was built on the top two floors of a building just a few meters away from the sea. It was given a complete makeover to accommodate 38 rooms. It is a hotel with young and family groups in mind, who are keen to make the most of the beach a short distance away. The guidelines for the project were to create a fresh, youthful, dynamic and fun atmosphere. All of the rooms have a lot of light, so we took advantage of this to make light the focal point in each room. Both floors were laid out to have a very orderly, even distribution. The two central bodies that house eight interior rooms (the smallest) are set apart by two side corridors that mark the way through the building and give access to the rest of the rooms that give onto the outside and have views.
The corridors were designed based on the fact that they were extremely long, so highly resistant materials were chosen, the design of the doors and the colors were played around with to avoid monotony and the baseboards were made high to give the effect of greater scale.

Four different designs were selected for the rooms that would make the hostel playful and give it color. A basic color chart of striking pinks, yellows, greens and blues was used to give the sensation of light. The materials in the rooms were also carefully selected for their durability. Thus, the headboards are made of ceramic strips, tiling was used for the floors and plain wall paper was hung on the walls, except above the headboard where colored wall paper was used to reflect the predominant color in each room.

The color of each room was decided by the bathrooms. The white from the ceramic headboards was used as the main backdrop for the rooms with the addition of a touch of color to the ceilings and small decorative details.
The rooms have a double bed or two single beds, a wardrobe-cum-writing desk and storage module, and a sofa bed in family rooms, which is just enough to make them comfortable and functional. The terraces are the main feature in these rooms, so we had large balcony doors put in with additional furniture on the outside.









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