Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda - Pedralbes

Project Description

Proyecto de diseño de interiores de vivienda

Home decorating project in Pedralbes, where we wanted to make the most out of a rental apartment while giving it an essence of its own. The only element that we custom designed was the bookshelf in the living room, which in this case houses the fireplace, the bookshelf and the TV.

A dream come true: a large sliding door that made it possible to leverage this piece of furniture into three different uses and cover whatever we chose. Modern yet warm lines. An apartment decorated and designed with a focus on comfort for a family of four.

The living room includes an office with a chair providing an interesting mix of iron and fur.
The dining room features a classic table that we renovated with a pop of new color and combined with more modern chairs. The living room showcases the furniture and opens to the terrace (designed with sleek modern furniture that matches the white of the building’s façade and the green of the artificial grass), combining larger pieces in gray with smaller pieces in iron and wood.

The children’s rooms were designed with IKEA furniture combined with custom pieces in bright white and an individual theme for each child: a USA Navy look for the boy’s room and mint green for the girl’s room.
We selected a 3D wallpaper for an accent wall/headboard in the basic yet comfortable and warm master suite.









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