Proyecto de diseño de interiores de local - Peluqueria Hector Carvajal

Project Description

Proyecto de diseño de interiores de local

An interior design project that gave us the opportunity to make a dream come true: Hector’s hair salon, his lifelong dream. And we didn’t want it to look like a hair salon at first glance. A venue with extremely high ceilings that made it possible to play with vertical pieces that further enhanced the sense of height.

We wanted the reception’s décor to feel like customers had just walked into someone’s home: comfortable, beautiful and simple at the same time. Walls with distressed wood, custom-designed wood and iron furniture, product displays, coat closet, and storage. On the other side a bench where customers can wait. The reception desk is an antique piece with personality paired with a classic chair in linen. A screen of iron bars separate reception from the area where hair is cut and styled.

Vertical mirrors without a ledge and an extremely versatile stool to the side along with a simple, minimalist wall lamp and an “antique” hook for customer’s bags is the décor designed for each workspace. Simple and elegant, these spaces paired with the lighting give a unique flair to the salon.

The iron dividers help create a sense of privacy for the area where hair is washed. And in front, a convenient and organized “color lab” where hair color can be prepared right in front of the customer. The special touch is the walls: a unique “combed” texture defines the space.

The custom design was hand-plastered on as if we had “combed” the walls. Neutral colors enhance the dark tones of iron and distressed wood. The coolest corner of the salon is at the back of the salon, a bright space with golden accents where customers can relax on the sofa reading fashion and beauty books or step outside into the small garden that we created.









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