Restaurante ZUKA

Project Description

Restaurante ZUKA

Interior design project for a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona. Zuka, Japan, elegance, drinks, nighttime, and intimate are the words and concepts that helped us create the image that we designed for this space. Wood, two-toned marble, mirrors, antique gold details and light are the elements that conveyed these concepts.

We added these elements in vertical slats to divide and create spaces. These slats were created in a different combination of materials in each area of the restaurant: marble and wood provide a sense of freshness in the sushi area; wood with a mirror in the entrance area reflect everything that happens in the restaurant, and wood on wood generates more intimate spaces in the dining room.

Dark tones, dim lighting, and the slat design match an open kitchen designed as a “marble cube” with contrasting light from its interior lighting.

The metal façade makes it possible to showcase the restaurant’s entrance when lit up at night.


Restaurante ZUKA




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